Feed back

It is really easy to use this machine

Fuji Sangyo's machines are exceptionally user-friendly

Fudai co.,ltd
CEO Mr. Takaaki Higashi

I was surprised when I saw this product first time.

I was amazed and thought, 'What a machine!' the moment I saw it

Kojima kogyo co.,ltd
CEO Mr. Daiki Kojima

Increased productivity so much.

The production volume of mass-produced items has significantly increased

Soshin kogyo co.,ltd
Managing Director Mr. Junichi Mikami

My skill was improved much. I appreciate this product.

The scope of our work has greatly expanded. It has been incredibly helpful.

Yamamotoumetaro shoten co.,ltd
Operator Mr.Yoshihito Kusakawa

We could earn more than I Expected by this product. So i was naturally to buy another one.

The first machine exceeded our expectations in performance, making the decision to consider a second machine inevitable

Amagase kogyo co.,ltd 
Managing Director Mr. Keizo Amagase

We was influenced from aluminum industry to install NC Processing machine.

The entire aluminum industry was moving towards the adoption of NC long-length machining centers.

Bring Yuemya co.,ltd
Managing Director Mr.Tomoki Seto

Our boss decided to install this product about 30 years ago.

Over 30 years ago, the previous president discovered your long-length machining center and decided to implement it.

Suehiro shoji co.,ltd
Deputy Manager Mr. Yasushi Kitazawa

This product has a lot of things be able to do. It is interesting much.

The more we use it, the more we realize how versatile it is; it's a truly fascinating machine

Tetsu co.,ltd
COO Mr.Hideyuki Tanimoto