Our boss decided to install this product about 30 years ago.

Production Department Assistant Manager / Mr. Yasushi Kitazawa

The company that they made normal frames and front frames of Sankyo-Alumi.
And also, They can drawing, manufacturing, setting by their own.
It’s not only subcontractor but also sales by their own,too.  

30 years ago, our boss decided to buy your product. It was high price though.

Q、What made you decided to install our product?

A、We have been processing normal frames and front frames.
The front frame is used by parts of  automation door and it is like a for the window’s frames. 

At that time, processing of front frame was made by high skill worker.
We bought the aluminum from the company and carried to construction place and then, they had been processing of that. 

This way was good if the amount products is less, but we got increased their orders little by little.
So we decided to install your product.  

Our boss thought ” I want to use this product although it is expensive”and them he bought your product.

Q、What made you decided to installed our product, second one and third one?

A、When we installed the first one, the amount of production has got increased.
Because not only the number of order got increase from our customer but also ability of our produce.
And then, if we wouldn’t get another one, we couldn’t produce more products much.
So we decided to install next one.

The most new one that we installed 2 years ago, this is to get a new order.

Q、Which reason do you have that you bought our products 6 units?

To tell the truth, we have seen some products of the other companies because it has been about 30 years from we installed the first one.
But when we talked to the other company , they have been used “G-cord”. They hadn’t used “Touch panel” like ours.
The products of the other company didn’t have “Touch panel”
“Touch panel” is easier than “G-cord” to use.
That’t why we didn’t change to the other company’s one.

Another reason is , if we had several type of machines, our worker have to learn how to use each one.
It would be confusing.

Also in the sense of achieving uniformity of machining programs, we are your products fun.

The best benefit is accuracy.

A、It is not less that products of aluminum is high-mix low volume.
It is faster processing by hands than using a machine.
But obviously it will be better than hands processing for accuracy.
1st and 10th are not necessarily the same accuracy by human.
But if the machine doing that all products have same accuracy.
That’ why we can not go back as hand work.

What I an worried about now is the noise during processing. 
The thin material tend to be big noise , actually.
We let machine operators getting earplugs for Work environment measure. 
But the other workers don’t put earplugs.
Considering for those people, noisy environment problems is issue ofter now.
However, thin materials make a high-pitched sound when scraped, so this is not the machine’s fault.

I think that we have to take care about work-environment for workers more from now.

And  we don’t know whether we have been able to use all spec of this product or not.
So I want to talk about it each others like ” how we should use blade, how many rotation we should use, how fast this product have.

Since we got this product as might well we want to use all-function.

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Today's company is here

Suehiro-shoji co.,ltd

The company that make aluminum frame.
They processing a lot of products for big companies and also they develop a new product and drawing, produce, and sales.