Our Customers

We would introduce our customers who had installed our products who are processing aluminum, processing steel, sales of steel.

Fudai co., ltd

株式会社フダイ フジ産業 導入事例

Installed at 2019


They required to improve productivity and accuracy because they used to processing by hand-made.


We proposed a model that performs machining and cutting in one unit.
It be able to drilling, milling, cutting, and so on, many kind of processing.
As a result, the processing time was halved compared to before the introduction, and the accuracy was uniformed.
We received high praise that the most benefit is productive same quality without relying on people.

Shizuokakinzokukogyo co.,ltd

Installed at 2022


They were thinking that they can’t installed the machine because there is narrow space.
But they need to get the NC long length processing machine and also recommened by brand.
However they didn’t have large space for the machine.


After we confirming and  measuring in detail of that space, they proposed 「FBH25AL-6T」.
This is a small and simple one and with castor.
that’s why they can move that product easily.

They could installed a product that seemed to hard to installed.
Therefore, they improved all of problems that productivity, accuracy, speed,  safety, noise, operation, and so on.

TETSU co.,ltd

Installed at 2022


They became to get many kind of processing order from their customers, but they have become unable to deal with it by their human-resource.
That’s why they passed those orders to outsource, but it was not good for profitability.


They requested us that they want to drill long hole to pipe and to drill continuously for H steel and angle steel.
Therefore we suggested 「high torque type machine」.
It was good to improve productivity and also keep high level for accuracy.
And it is easy to use for foreign people, they could understand how to use one.