I was surprised when I saw this product first time.

CEO/ Mr.Daiki Kojima

He started up this company when he was 20’s. And this company has been grown like this for 10 years.
He alway talked to his arounds what he have dreams, and then many people getherd to him day by day.
He has trust from many his customer because he always had a thinking that “Good products bring good works.”
Now, they can not only weld but also some manufacturing as engineers of weld.

I was surprised when I saw the product of Fuji-sangyo 2 or 3 years later when I started.

Q、What inspire you to know about Fuji-sangyo?

A、I went to a company who had a product of yours 2 or 3 years later when I started up this company, and I saw this machine first time.
First of all, I was surprised and I thought ” What’s a amazing machine!” and I wanted to buy this quickly.

Q、Which point did you feel good for this product?

A、The thing that I felt good was accuracy.
We can get good quality and less miss works.
At the start up this company, we have no money. For that we could get the other machine that cheap one that we use government subsidy.
And then, we drew line and mark for drill by hands. After that we used that machine.
But even if we use that machine, we ended up had some mistakes.
So I would like to improve that, I thought we need Fuji-sangyo’s product.

Q、Did you compare to other company’s products?

A、Yes.I checked some products. But your price was better than the other’s.
The product of big company was really high and we didn’t need hight spec much.
For example, a big company’s product that we checked moved so fast. It was faster than Fuji-sangyo’s one.
But we didn’t need that spec for us.

Q、Fuji-sangyo’s product was good for your company isn’t it?

Our priority was to get good quality , good accuracy than speedy. Because our products is high-mix low-volume.

We could make good quality one by this machine and connected next order. Because we could make our customer happy.

Q、What kind of benefit did you get by our product?

A、The most large benefit is less mistakes and high accuracy processing.
As I said earlier, there is no gap between hands work and machine work because our products are high-mix low-volume.
But if we make good quality products for our customor, we made them happy and connected to get next order. 

We have been getting new order now due to this products.
I appreciate that.

And I appreciate to your customer support.
Because if we were in trouble, they solved it quickly.

For example, when we made mistake  how to use this machine and it didn’t work, bedore.
So we callled electric work company, they was like “we could go there after two days later.”
We was in trouble and we called fuji-sangyo and then they said” Sure! we can there quickly”
And they came here after 3 hours.

Now, we consider to buy the next product because it would be full work too much by this machine.

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Today's company is here

Kojima-kogyo co.,ltd

The company that engineer of weld.
They can do manufacturing processing, parts processing, welding, assembly.
They are young company and they have philosophy that ” We must make good quality one”