We could earn more than I expected by this product. So it was naturally to buy another one.

Management Director / Mr. Keizo Amagase

The company that can processing and make flames and assembly.
They have installed our product at 2012.
He has a philosophy that “Good products produce good price”
So he always stick to quality of products and he would deal with their customers.

Your product was really useful. And the size was compact overwhelming.

Q、What problems did you have before installed our product?

A、At that time we produced about 10 steel-frames per month.
And we had to drilling those steel-frames about 200~300 holes for one.
It was really hard because we used to make template by laser and drilling by drill press.
And then, we had to welding next and the only person who has special skill could do welding.
So we needed much time to do that.

Q、What inspire you to know us?

A、We had a chance to see your product at a company close to our company.
When we visited that company, we saw your company’s sales person and talked to him.
And then, we asked some questions about your product, and we thought “This product is nice. We would like to get it.”

Q、Did you compare to the other company’s products?

A、Yes, I did.
I compared to 3 or 4 company’s one.
And I thought your product was the easiest to use all of them.
Especially, you have the control panel.
It was good point for us.

Other  than that, there is no cover on this product, it was also good point what I thought.

On the safety side, I think it is necessary to have.
But if there is it, it would lose usability.
And you have the Air-vise.
At that time, only you had that one.
Of course, the price was also easy to the wallet.

Q、Did you find good size product for your factory?

A、Size of your product is really good.
And also, we can adjust length what we want to.

We could hire the workers who would just work drilling due to installed your product.

Q、Was it increased productivity after installed our product?

A、Productivity was overwhelmingly increased.
The product that was installed at the first time depreciated one year.
And also, factory use rate is 100%.

Q、As you said earlier “Welding worker also used to do drilling before.”
Was it improved by installed this product?

A、We could hire the person who has a drilling skill as exclusive.
Because, it is easy to use this product, they can understand to use it, even if we wouldn’t take much time for that.
We couldn’t have enough time to take care about fresh man.
Because welding experienced person was busy and he also do drilling. 

Q、Thank you for your help. Because you bought our product again.
So why did you decided to install the second one and third one?

A、Because the first one could be earned than I expected.
We bought the second one that was original one. Because we usually told your company about opinion for this product. Good things and bad things.
And then, you improved for me.
That why, we didn’t need buy the custom product.

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Today's company is here

Amagase ko-gyo co.,ltd

The company that make the steel frame and can manufacturing and assembly.
They have the “Monozukuri-spirit” that  they would produce good product and good price for the market.