This is a really curious machine that could processing many things.

Director / Mr.Hideyuki Tanimoto

This company has been processing for pipes and steels of construction.
Nowadays, the number of workers degrease than before, they couldn’t  also to do many works by own company, so they found out our products and installed it.
They were able to do some processing that they have never done, and they could go to a new goal of this company.

We required some new orders that we've never gotten nowadays, because the number of workers degrease.

Q、Please tell us about background of installed our product.

A、We mainly processing steal and pipes for construction.
In those situation, we were required to some new type of processing that we’ve never gotten, because the number of workers degrease nowadays.
For example, we just cut the pipe until now , but recently we got a new order that cutting and drilling , and next , plus notching , eventually shotting, something like that, increased those order little by little.
I guess it is due to deduction of processing cost for our customer.
And after that , the new order that we got was “processing to long length materials.”

Although  we didn’t have the machine of long length processing at that time, we could processing for it if we want.
But if we provide as our products, high accuracy is require, we didn’t do it by our company and we ordered to outsource.

Of course, processing cost increased more and more due to outsource.
But we were thinking that those order will increase in the future.

Q、I’ve heard that many company have workers problems as same as you.

A、Yeah, there are no workers at all now.
Many company have hired foreign workers ,of course too us,  it is really hard to teach them a new skill how to do it and make them do it.

For that reason, we started to find some machine that could do like processing.

Q、Where did you know about our product?

A、I had opportunity to see your product before, and I thought “This is interesting machine”.
And then, I checked that machine on goole on so on, I understood that is your product. 

After that, I contacted your company, Mr.Hashimoto who is sales person came to our company quickly.
He is a really good sales person, and I’m always glad you.

And then, I told him to our some  request for your product, and he returned his suggesting, and we decided to install your product.

Q、Had you ever known about like this machine that long length processing machine until checked our product?

A、No, I hadn’t.
I didn’t check it activity, because I hadn’t feel the need of it until we got new order that we need processing to long length materials.
At the around time, I found your products coincidentally.

On the other hand, when the people who the laser processing company come our company and saw this machine, They said ” What’s a interested product! I want to get it”.
And eventually, that customer got your product.

And more, the laser processing machine is very expensive, if you compare to your product, It might it was seemed like it is easy to wallet, and they might felt benefit it is able to do some kind of processing.

Q、Did you compare to the other company’s products?

A、No, we didn’t.
However we compared to completely different  products.
For example, the Robot.
But it was really difficult to teach motion for it.
On the flip side, your product was really easy to use and understand.
That point was also fascinating for us.
I think I’m going to buy the Robot.
But now, I am thinking that I would like to got long length processing machine or drilling machine for dolly.
And I think I’d like to get a new orders for aluminum in the future.
But industry of steel and aluminum is different, if we get a new orders for aluminum we would get a new long length processing machine for aluminum.

I think this product has huge possibility.



There are many good points that your product has.
I was most interested in that out of them was “There was no cover”.
Because, for example, when you would use laser processing, that processing didn’t have the cover, so you could set some angle and processing some holes even if that processing makes burning. 
But nowadays there is definitely has a cover.
If the all of machine have the cover, we can’t do that processing.
If a person who is interested in your product use this product, he would be able to find and try new thing like a new how to processing, setup of control panel, how to set some materials and so on.
This is a very interesting machine that the more you use it, the more possibilities you find.
There is a possibility that such ingenuity will be restricted by the presence of a cover.
In order not to lose such a good aspect, it was convenient for us not to have a cover.

Your company’s product have an analog feel in a good way, so I felt that that was good for me.

Q、How is accuracy of processing?


That is really good and I’m glad you.




Today's company is here

TETSU co.,ltd

This company has been processing pipe or steel for construction.
They always has been received and responded to their customers requests and would offer new processing works.
They have some young workers and be able to focus on movement of this industry.
And then They also focus on recruiting.