My skill was improved much.
I appreciate this product.

Operator / Mr.Toshihito Kusakawa

This is the company that processing of steels.
They installed our product due to company’s policy that find a new job a few years ago.
He can use this product much by himself , and then he can make something that he couldn’t make it before.
Therefore, he had been getting many new order now.

The inspire was "company's policy that find a new job"

Q、Please tell me about your business.

A、We are selling material of steel and processing as drill or cutting.
Recently, we are getting the order that high performance processing.
That order increased than before.
Today, I had a order that to drill middle of 40 square steel.
And I could deal with that quickly.

Thank you for your product, we can produce some works that our customer hope.

Q、Have you been worked by hands before installed our product?

A、Yes, we have.
When I drill some hall on steel, I uses to use Drill press or Atra that be able to carry by hands and made halls φ10~φ18, again and again.
That’ why, I needed much time.

And when our truck park in our factory, we loss the space for work.
Therefore, we had to stop work.

Anyway, we needed much time.

Q、What inspire you to install our product?

A、At first, we checked new skill and how to processing, because we got new mission that finding new business from our company.

But actually, I had contacted your company about this product before.
For that, I contacted your company one more time.

Q、Did you compare to the other company’s product?
And, what point did you prefer to our product? 

A、The other company’s product was focus on “drilling” in my image.
And the machine size was big.
So we couldn’t installed it where we want to in our factory.
Opposite side, your product had a lot of processing like drilling, milling, milling cutter and so on.
That’ why my skill was improved much.

Q、Have you ever seen our product before installed.

A、Yes, I have.
I have seen it at our customer who have your product.
And we were able to process our works.
It was really helpful to see real product because we could understand how to process and we could measure the machine, and we could consider where we set up it.

After installed this product, we were getting a new jobs little by little.

Q、After installed, was this product helpful for your company?

A、Of course. At first, I thought this product was only for drilling but it was not true.
We were also able to kind of process like cutting in half “H”steel.

But I didn’t have the textbook for processing.
Therefore, I tried to process many time, and I found best processing. It was kind of tired but I was interested in that.

After that, I didn’t realize though, we were getting a new job little by little.

Q、How was our service like?

A、Your service is really good.
We always be helped by your service.
If I have some questions and call your company, they can tell me about it immediately.
And also I can use Line. 
So you have a good support.

Q、Do you use this product much?

A、In the beginning, we had just a few order because we were not known that we could process like this.
But after we were known, we had getting order and increased number of order.
For example, if we got a order that drilling long hall on steel, we used to ordered to the other company because we were not able to process that.
But now we can do it, and we can release it tomorrow or day after tomorrow.
And I also do welding, after installed this machine, I could do the work welding and to use this machine in parallel.
Therefore, Productivity was really increased.
And we could cover require of our customers.

Thank you for sharing your stories, today.

Today's company is here

Yamamotoumetaro-shoten co.,ltd

This company sell and process for steel mainly.
They can cover kind of processing after installed NC machine.