The long length NC processing machine(long machining center) is the NC processing machine specializes in processing long materials.
Our products cover to from 1,000mm or 2,000mm to over 10m long material.
And possible to drill, endmill, milling, cut, tenon processing, angle cut  and so on.
And our products are able to processing for aluminum, steel, resin, wood.

Standard equipment

Standard vice

Tool length measuring instrument



Oil box

The above features and equipment are standard, so production can start from the first day of delivery.

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Long length NC processor(ATC type)

□6-axis turret



Installed ” Conversation programs” that fuji-sangyo developed.
It is easy to use and be able to program for everybody.

It’s for Aluminum frame or long length steel like a steel pipe.

We can receive your requests, for example, a number of vice or tools and so on.

Work on drilling machines and milling machines can be completed with this one unit.

Long length NC processor (small type)


It’s a small type of FB series.

Possible to change position of this because of with caster.

It’s easy to use because it has “conversation program”

Long length NC processor(With cut saw)



Have a normal ATC head and cut saw that can possible ±180° turn.

Possible drilling, milling ,cutting , complete with one unit.

Protect from scattering steel chips by the cover.

You can ask about strok.

Drill press, milling machine, cutting are complete with one unit.

■Target materials

Architecture , long length somethings. (aluminum frame, truck, vehicle.)

Long length NC processor(High torque High rigidity / with coolant)

□Type of coolant



Ideal for Square pipes, Steel angle, H-steel , like processing steel.
Of course, except for steels, that also can process aluminum frame, SUS, Resin.

And also they can drilling, tapping, milling.

Capacity is max φ45 drilling
※M24 tapping
※Add opition

Installed ” Conversation programs” and “control panel” that fuji-sangyo developed.

Drill press, milling machine are complete with one unit.

■Target materials

Square pipe, Angle steel, H-steel, C-steel and so on

Long length NC processor
Index type

■FB-5000-12ATC(Index type)

Possible to 4 sides processing by 1 crump with index function

Ideal for drilling for pipe because of possible to set angle by 0.1°

It’s easy to use because it has a “Conversation programs”

Multi pipe-cut machine


It has two head that cutting head spindle head for steels. 

Possible to cutting, drilling, milling for small diameter pipe(φ70)complete with one unit, could only be processing with a laser.

Processing that was difficult with a laser, this products be able to do that by cutting saw.

Processing by swinging at any angle is possible because it has index function.

It is easy to use because of “Conversation programs”

■Target materials

Square pipe, circle pipe(SS)

The gantry machining center(Standard type)


This is the standard type of  gantry machining center.

It’s good for machining aluminum, steel, and wide plates.

Please contact us for detailed specifications.

High torque type Gantry machining center


This is high torque type Gantry processor.

Ideal for processing long length steels and flat board.
And compatible with coolant. 

3 sides gantry machining center


It had a head that can turning ±90°.

It can processing 3 sides which are top and left and right with one chuck for max 5m material.

■Target materials

Long length steels, Long length aluminum

Board with cut saw type gantry machining center


Drill press and milling processing are complete with one unit.

With cut saw type gantry machining center


It can drilling for big products(Max 8,000mm×1,500mm) and cutting by cutting head that turning ±180°.

■Target materials

Big aluminum product, Big board

Cutting machine(straight type)


Target materials: Aluminum frame

Cutting machine(angle type)


Target materials: Aluminum frame.

Possible to choose out of  automation carrying type or hands carrying type.

Tenoning machine


It has “Conversation programs”.
For that it is easy to use for beginner.

Possible to processing to Aluminum that thickness is 1.2mm~15mm.