We was influenced from aluminum industry to install NC Processing machine.

Senior Managing Director /Mr. Tomoki Seto

The company that produce the aluminum frame of window or the frame of automation door for big companies.

They considered to install our product as influenced of Aluminum industry.
And then they decided to install our product at previous factory.
And next , they installed the second one at new factory.

Mass production, accuracy, take over the skill, all of things that they have is getting better.

We was influenced from aluminum industry that began to get NC machine.

Q、What inspire you to know our company?

A、I knew your company’s name because I heard something that a company that is in Yamanashi prefecture used to your product.
The industry of Aluminum tended to use the NC processor.
And also, the frame  company recommended us to use NC processor.

I thought we should change to NC processor from hand work during talking to our competitors.
And the frame company required us to produce high accuracy products.

Q、Which point did you like the best of our product?

A、The best point that I thought is “It’s a Slim”

I saw some of the other company’s one and compared those.
And then, I thought your product was the best product out of  the other company’s one.

We had a small factory before, so if we got a normal machine, probably they couldn’t fit in.
The product that the other company was big and heavy , so it was not our things.
But your product was so slim and just fit in to our factory.

That ‘s why we installed 2m length size one.

Q、You installed the long length one for second product.
What made you decided to buy long length one?

A、We didn’t need long length one because we used to made short products at that time , and we also had a small factory.
But after that , we needed to use long length one, because we had to produce over 2m products.
That’t why we chose long length product.

Q、Weren’t you worry about price of our product?
Because it was big purchase.

A、We bought first one by lease and when we bought a second one, we got subsidy.
That’t why i was not worry about those price.
Although, it was tough to write some document.

It was improved all of things that accuracy, speed, safety, noise, take over the skill etc.

Q、After installed our product, was it getting better productivity?

A、Of course yes!
It was improved something that accuracy and speed, safety, noise, and so on, compare to before.
About the noise, we used really old machine before, it made sound like this” kheen”.
But now , there is no noise.

And it is automation one.
If you get ready and push the button, you can take away from this machine.

Anyway, I wrote  this now, this is a manual for your product.
Even if you don’t have any skill of processing, you are able to use this product when you see this manual.
It is also big benefit for us.

And we was able to get a new order. Because the other company wasn’t able to do that processing.
And then, a customer asked us to do that processing and we could get that order. 

Q、Do you have something that you want our product to improve?

But if I had to choose, if I made mistake as input a number, I would injured to a product by pierce the needle.

So if we faced to that situation, the product must stop by safety sensor. 
If your product had this system, I am really thankful

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Today's company is here

Bring yumeya co.,ltd

The company that processing aluminum.
They have some customer who is big.
A few years ago, the new factory was ready, and currently, they make more products than before.