Productivity of mass-production got increased much.

Managing Director / Mr.Junichi Mikami

This is the company that processing of aluminum and drawing, assembly.
They make those for some big company and local company. 

They was thinking that they definely need our product for mass-production.
And then, They processing many kind of  type and they have a lot of stocks at their back yard now.

The first time that I saw this product, we thought "this product was good because I can works that we required.

Q、What inspire you to know about Fuji-sangyo? 

A、When I asked advice to the other company about NC processing machine, and they had a your products and I was shown where they were using it.
And then, I thought ” This product is good for our company.”
And at that time, we could get subsidy.
So the timing is also good.

Q、Did you compare to the other company’s product?

A、No, we didn’t.
Because we thought ,we could see your product and we could do something that we want to do by this product.

Q、Did you work by hands before?

We draw some line and processing by drill.
Therefore we had to took more time and acurracy was not good.
But After we installed this product, we could solve those problems.

Q、What was your the most important thing when you get this product.

A、The most important thing was “Not loss time” 
That mean, we need  a much time to rift up the long heavy material, and processing it and rift down in a row.
And also, our products is big frames called “front”, so using the machine is really better than not using machine.

We always had a problem that if the worker who has good skill retire our company, we would be in trouble.

Q、How about productivity after installed our product?

A、It was getting better.
If we make the same frames, it was really better to use this machine than not use this machine.

Opposite side, it would be not good for high-mix low-volume.

Q、Sometimes, we often hear they was like ” We are worry about if the high skill worker retire, there is no people instead of them.”

A、I think this product is really helpful for that mean.
If you have a small skill of programs, you can use this product whether you are young or not.
Therefore, If the worker who has high skill would retire, we are not worry about that much.

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