Our Factory

Our company was born in Shimizu city which there are many factories for processing building material in, and we started to overhaul for old machines for woods and steels at that time.

Thanks for that experience, we have a lot of skills and ideas of processing machines.
And then, we can produce low cost products and also have a high skill that processing speed is fast.

Almost none of the processing machines we have delivered to our customers have the same specifications.
We would ask them about number of vice, shape of main stroke, control panel, length of frame and so on, and we will produce the products that to full of their needs and it would be custom made.

It’s over 30 years now from we started, we could spread target field due to needs had changed, woods industry, steels industry, architecture industry, aluminum frame, truck and vehicle, and also airline industry.  
And we have been spread about type of processing machine, from the long length to gantry processing machine especially for panels and also 5 stroke.

Nowadays many companies have the problems that less the workers.
For that we have suggested saving of labor or automatically.
For example, 「FB-5000-8ATC-C」as our product that be able to  cutting, drilling, shaving , could solve the problem that carrying and keeping products.
It is not only performance of processing machine but also operability would solve your problems.
The operation panel and conversation soft is our original product and it is easy to use and have a lot of functions. 
Therefore you would use easily and could start processing since installed soon.

We had started in a new factory that have 1.5times wider than now since March 2016.
So we can deal with some your needs more fast until now.

We will continue to provide highly reliable custom-made processing machines that lead to improved productivity for our customers by accumulated know-how and technology until now.