It is really easy to use this machine. I should have bought it more quickly.

CEO / Mr.Takaaki Higashi

He is a second generation CEO of this company.
He took over from previous CEO.
At that time, this company did the work by hands.
And he felt frastrated with this style.
So he had a strong determination and imaged future of company that don’t take over with previous style.
And then, he changed to mechanization and make a choice of works.
So currently, they can get large projects.
He push himself so hard. 

I understood our company couldn't win to the other company.Because some of then have a machine but i didn't.

Q. What inspire you to know our company?

I knew your company by web site.  And I checked some company about pros and cons and we decided to buy your product.

At that time, I thought “I have to buy this product. If I didn’t get this product, our company will be bankrupt.”

Q、Why did you think so?

A、Because, many competitors have the NC machine but we don’t have it and we did work by hands.
Therefore, we can’t win to the competitors.
It must be more take a time and higher operation cost by hands than use machine.
So we will not  get many orders and we will not time saving. And loss the accuracy.
That’t why ,we got decreased the order.
So I thought I want to improve this environment by this product.

Q、What inspire you to buy our product?

A、The first, HP was good! And I like Blue color.
And, I stuck to get “a cutting saw”.
Your company and also two the other companies had ” a cutting saw”.
And then, I got a catalog and it was easy to see that catalog and Mr.Ikeda of sales manager was really good person.

And the most important thing that I thought was “after sales service”.
I hope I would like to have a manufacture that responds properly at that time.
Because the machine would have some trouble sometime.
And then, I said him “If I had any questions , can I tell you whenever I want to?”
He said” Sure!”
And then, he dealt with like that actually. 

Q、If you were in trouble, can he rush to you in 1 or 2days ?

So I really appreciated that he can take a phone call from me.
When I bought this product, I had a question about bottom of emergency.But I don’t know details about this machine, so I called him suddenly,  he actually taught me to solve that problem kindly.

This is a product that It is easy to use overwhelming and have a good quality.

Q、Were there something that reputation of this product or changing productivity in your company?

A、I don’t know what our co-worker thinking about but I completely  say “This is a good product for us defiantly”.
It took about 4 years to install this product. I thought we should have bought more quickly.
Because we became getting some new order from our customer and appearance the number of sales.

And more, it became easy to assembly because we can have good accuracy by the machine compare to by hands.
Therefore, we had a good productivity. 

We still make the sign of bus station a little, but if we use this machine when we had a lot of order that sign of bus station, we would have earned more.

And more, it is easy to use ” Control touch panel”.
Of course , It’s depend on skill of the operator though.

Thank you for sharing your story today.

This company is here

Fudai co.,ltd

Manufacturing company of aluminum.
The main works are drilling, cutting, welding of aluminum.