Target Work

Material that can be processed / Target Industry

Material that can be processed

Our product that Long length NC processing machine be able to process Aluminum, Steels, Pipe, resin, and so on.
We will suggested the best type of product for you thorough interview.




Target Industry

Our products is used by these industries.


Aluminum frame

Airline industry

Bodywork for trucks

Solar panel

▽Compatible models

Long length NC processor(ATC type)
Long length NC processor(small type)
Long length NC processor(With cut saw)
Long length NC processor(Index)
3 sides gantry processor
Gantry processor(with cut sow)
Cutting machine(straight type)
cutting machine(angle type)
Tenoning machine


Steel industry

Manufacturing industry

▽Compatible models

Long length NC processor(High torque High rigidity / with coolant)
Multi pipecut machine
Gantry processor(High torque type)
3 sides gantry processor