What's The Long Length NC Processing Machine?

As a pioneer in long NC processing machines, Fuji Sangyo Co., Ltd. is currently supporting the manufacturing sites of many customers by leveraging the experience and know-how gained from over 35 years.

What's the long length NC processings machine?

A long NC processing machine is a type of machine tool and is a type of “NC machining center” or “NC lathe.”
We specialize in long materials (2m to 10m or more) and perform processing such as drilling, tapping, and milling.
Machine sizes range from small to large depending on the workpiece being processed.
I think it will be easier to understand if you imagine a processing machine with a machining center extended horizontally.


Comparison table

The long length NC PM


Machining center

Work size

We specialize in long materials with an X stroke of 2.0m to 10m or more.

Generally around X300~700mm x Y400mm x Z300mm.


Possible processing such as drilling, tapping, milling, and cutting.

Possible processing such as drilling, tapping, milling, and cutting.

Processing style

The workpiece is fixed with an air clamp vise and the head moves to perform processing.

The head is fixed and the bed is moved for processing.


The price relative to the length is cheaper than machining centers.

Prices vary greatly depending on the stroke. Of course, the larger the stroke, the more expensive it is.

Feature of our products

■Can process various materials and shapes:
We can process a wide range of materials including aluminum, iron, steel such as SUS304, resin, and wood.
It is also possible to process workpieces of various shapes such as angles, channels, H steel, pipes, and flat bars.

■Overwhelming efficiency:
It is very difficult to process long materials by hand.
Fuji Sangyo’s long length NC processing machines increase productivity with overwhelming efficiency.

■Easy operation:
Machining centers require complex programming using dedicated code.
Fuji Sangyo’s processing machines are all equipped with the easy dialog software “FS-MAC” as standard, so anyone can easily operate them.

In addition, Fuji Sangyo’s long processing machines are equipped as standard with an air clamp vise to secure the workpiece, an automatic tool length measurement function, and an origin stopper to determine the origin of the workpiece, allowing processing to begin on the day of installation.

■Made-to-order production:
Since the material and length of the workpiece to be processed differs depending on the customer, the machine size etc. will be made to order depending on the customer.
We also have a track record of producing machines with a maximum length of 20m or more.

■Enhanced support system:
Our service department will also respond to inquiries regarding the machine after delivery or in the event of machine trouble.

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