Case study

For Aluminum

We often get many questions from Aluminum industry companies.
About drilling , cutting, and also productivity and labor saving , decrease of cost, therefore this is about needs of current period.

In this page, we would like to share typical things of them.

They would like to increase productivity by changing works from hands to machine

They would like to get NC but no idea that they have enough space or not for the machine


The company that makes aluminum sash


Not good at productivity because drilling by drill press one by one

We had to rely to a human source because the worker drilling by drill press. 
Productivity and accuracy was not good because a human works.
Therefore, our products quality was not good.
They always have a problem that if the worker who has good skill is quit this company, they have to teach their skill to the other people.


We suggested the product that have machining process and cutting process

We suggested “FB6000-12ATC-C” that have a cut saw.
This machine has drills and milling ,and also cut saw that be able to turn.
It is possible to many kind of cutting. 


It made all products got same quality without marking line.

They had a tons of benefit.
For example, half decrease of taking time for work compair to hand work.
And it’s all automation and also decrease of labor costs.
One of them, the largest benefit is all products could have same quality.

Until now, it was difficult  to make same quality products and making line needed to much time because it depend on human, but now they would have no problems of that. 

Suggested product is

■ FB6000-12ATC-C

・Have installed a ATC head and cut saw  that 180° turn possible 

・Possible drilling , milling, and cutting

・Have installed full-cover for protect milling dust

・We can make it by custom-made

・Have installed touch screen that easy to use

Compare to time of work hands work and machine


The company that makes aluminum sash for buildings


We don't have enough spaces for machine because our factory is narrow

We could do the works enough because some worker had made Aluminum sash.
But we had have need using this machine because the brand prefer to install this machine.
However we didn’t have enough space for NC.


We suggested to product that be able to installed at narrow space

We confirmed and measured to area that we will install our product.
And then, we suggested to FBH25AL-6T of our product.
This product is not only smart but also have casters.
Therefore, they can change layout easily.


They could set up it at tiny space and increased productivity.

At first, they was thought that it was difficult to install NC machine.
But they could install that.
Therefore, they improved productivity, quality, speed, safety, noise, operating of machine, and so on.

Suggested product is

■ FBH25AL-6T

・Light weight type of FB series

・Have install casters and possible to change layout.

・Have installed touch screen that easy to use